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[Pinned] Who are we?
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[Pinned] Who are we?

Hi there, and welcome to our guild site.Ex Cineribus is a World of Warcraft raiding/PvP guild on Doomhammer-EU server since January 2010 during ICC in Lich King and recently moving from Alliance to Horde during SoO in Mists of Pandaria. We have ma...
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[Pinned] Read this before applying.

We will pretty much accept anyone into the guild. How long you stay with us, is another matter.We are a mature, friendly and social guild, and in return, we would like the same from you. We are a mainly English speaking guild, and as such, we resp...
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I'm Bad!

Hey Guys!Bit of shameless advertising, my brother-in-law has his own small game company and they've just released their first game (iOS/Android), one of those free to download in-app purchase jobbies. I played the beta a fair bit and found it a de...
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My art Gallery

I dont know how many on the guild know but I like drawing once and a while. Anyway, here is my gallery at deviant art
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Hello, my Name is Mads Roloff i'm 15 years old but mature of my age i live in Denmark the reason i would like to join the guild is mostly cause of the social good i heard from around the server and cause i need a new "home guild" where theres acti...
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Well E3 has announced some insanely good looking video games what did you guys think?Dragon Age 3 is something I've been waiting for. Honestly I can't see it matching the first one in terms of storyline (second best storyline for a video game ever...
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Interesting rumours/leaks here:
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Scaled down levels for old content is coming!!

Just a selection of the bug fixes coming in 5.3. They must be building towards scaling of levels and gear for 5.5 as the big announcement. WINNING!"•Serpentshrine Cavern•For the Fathom-Lord Karathress encounter, Cataclysmic Bolt now deals 10% of t...
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Off off and away!

So guys and girls and swain, I'm off to South Africa for a month!Just like to create a thread showing how much i appreciate you all for taking me in! :)Thanks for putting up with me and my 'raiding skillz' and also my emo :PLoving it in guild atm,...
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Matty an Rob level new horde characters. our new web series. It's gonna be epic.
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In game contest- Zombierathon!

Greetings!We’re excited to announce about newest event prepared by Guild Arena. It’s going to be an in-game event and it will take place on Saturday, 23rd March 2013 at 1 pm. CET We’ve prepared an awesome rewards, that winners will choose by thems...
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Hey guysI will be moving Wacki to another server, i will be starting to play with a lot of irl friends, who has started playing again. I will be leaving Bait on the realm, and hope that we will still be able to fool around ;)You guys have and wil...
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MoP Beta

You can download the installer here. you get the following error:Then rename the installer to "World of Warcraft Beta Setup.exe"
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Teamspeak test sever recruiting testers

Sins or other teamspeak is going offline soon im in need of testers The ip adress will be added soon stay tune
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8 weeks in

hey guys long time no see, well 8 weeks ish really, any way as most of you my or may not know i took a break from wow due to some familly issue's and as they seem to have started to settle i have been looking at getting back in to my online gaming...
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An Inquiry

Greetings Ex Cineribus, I am Devboy, GM of Catalyst.I am writing to you in regards to your current raiding standing / progress and status. We have recently lost a few of our core raid members, and we are actively recruiting. I was wondering how ma...
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Shivtr message: MMO Guildsites is now Shivtr!

After operating under the name MMO Guildsites for nearly 4 years, we are making a major shift to the site today as we rebrand ourselves Shivtr!Why are we renaming MMO Guildsites?When we first started this site almost 4 years ago, we set out to cre...
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New UI posts

Ok, here is my recent UI that I have made for my hunter here is a blast from the past just for fun
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old cheeve fun run

hi peeps :D,I was thinking about to do some old raids cheeves/mount runs with the guild.But i want to be sure ive people are intrested to do that.Otherwise its a waste of time to put events on and no one wants to come.What I wanna do is to start i...
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