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Hi there, and welcome to our guild site.

Ex Cineribus is a World of Warcraft raiding/PvP guild on Doomhammer-EU server since January 2010 during ICC in Lich King and recently moving from Alliance to Horde during SoO in Mists of Pandaria. We have mature, responsible people who enjoy playing together to complete end game raiding content. Most of our members are what we affectionately consider "older" due to our raiding times and the nature of our guild chat.
We have official raids going on twice a week with additional alt runs or fun runs that are optional throughout the week. As a result of this we are a fairly active guild that usually has things to do each night, especially Mythic+!

There are separate ranks for raiders and social members, though getting into the raiding team isn't difficult at all! All we ask of you is to be able to raid on Sundays and Mondays from 20:00-23:00 server time

We have our forums which are only available to access by our guild members, eight guild bank tabs and a decent stock of items. We currently have five officers including the guild leader, Excitedsoup, that are in charge of the guild and are there to either lead raids or otherwise provide council for the guild or raid leader's decisions. These officers are Farion, Ganewate, Ginamarie, Harkonnen and Swáín.

We are currently developing our raiding team for mythic raiding. Over 18's preferred and you must have understanding of the English language (we don't care if it's not your first language as long as you can understand on Mumble).

If you are interested in joining us, feel free to have a chat with us by adding Excitedsoup (Excitedsoup#2350) or Swáín (Swain#2339) to your battletag or join in on one of our normal/heroic runs! If that feels intimidating, you can always follow this link to apply to us online!
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Rules of ExC

We are fairly relaxed when it comes to different rules within the guild. That being said, there is a certain culture within the guild that some people may find off-putting. There is a certain amount of banter between guild mates that to an outsider may seem insulting or derogatory, but please know that many people in this guild are either real life friends or have known each other online for many years. So while banter is ok, first impressions do count! Any signs of racism, sexism and offensive disablist language is not tolerated outside of banter, and if you repeatedly use it after being asked to tone it down may resolve in your removal from the guild.


The trial period for raiding is counted as two weeks' worth of official raiding. For our current raiding schedule, this means four raids nights of mythic raid content (or if a new tier has just released: heroic) and unless otherwise stated in your application, you are expected to have 100% attendance for your trial excepting emergency conditions. You are encouraged to join in on keystone dungeons that occur throughout the week and the Friday optional runs, but this is all optional content that you are not obligated to join - it'll just help us get a better picture of you during your trial run!


For loot, we use a specific addon called EPGPLootmaster that allows us to use a master looter/loot-council style method of distributing raid drops. This allows raiders to choose among the following options:
  1. BiS Major Upgrade
  2. BiS Minor Upgrade
  3. iLvl Upgrade or Socket Bonus
  4. Offspec Roll
We do encourage use of the notes section in EPGPLootmaster to help the loot master understand how much of an upgrade an item is for you. To make it easier, you can use the SimulationCraft client to sim yourself and to export your stat weights into Pawn before the raid to tell you what percentage upgrade an item is. Obviously for tier bonuses, trinkets, relics and other random proc/spell modification this will be more difficult to quantify, so just use the notes as necessary: "855 iLvl relic + better trait" will help us decide where to send the loot! Because of the two different types of runs we do, loot is prioritised differently for those runs:
For Sunday/Monday runs: Raider > Trial > Social > Offspec > Alt.
For optional runs: Raider = Trial = Social > Offspec > Alt.

Regarding tier however, there is a special set of rules that will often be at the loot master/council's decision on a case-by-case basis. The general guideline for our decisions is as follows for all runs, including non-mandatory:
Raider > Trial > Social > Alt
In addition, within each of these cases there is a second set of priorities:
4pc > 2pc > 3pc > 1pc > 5pc > 6pc


With regards to alt-swapping for raid nights: unless specifically stated that the run is an alt-run to "see how far we can get" we expect people to bring their mains even for optional runs. This is to ensure that we have the capability to effectively finish the raid in a decent amount of time - depending on the difficulty of the content we will likely have the capacity to boost 20% of the team in the trivial content and these slots are usually taken up by people purchasing boosts from us or by socials in the guild. The only exceptions to this rule would be if the raid leader asks you to swap for a role that we are short of that raid, and in that case the alt gets bumped up to the higher priority for loot.

Recommended Raiding Addons:

I have mentioned a few addons above that we advise for raiding, below is the links to them as well as a few others that we'd recommend for raiding. The only one we require as a must is EPGPLootmaster.
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Achievements! The guild leadership has always been interested in different achievements within the game, and it has led to us being recognisable for that in lieu of our actual progress on the server :D Plus, we like to think it keeps the game fresh when you're doing bosses in a different way to how you would normally execute it.

In Cataclysm we achieved:
Server 1st Siege of Wyrmrest Temple
Server 2nd Not an Ambi-Turner (world 501)
Server 2nd Ping Pong Champion
Server 2nd Maybe He'll Get Dizzy (world 401)
Server 4th Glory of the Cataclysm Raider
Server 5th Heroic: Madness of Deathwing and Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider

In Mists of Pandaria we achieved:
Server 1st Praise the Sun
Server 2nd Sorry, Were You Looking for This? (world 453)
Server 2nd Candle in the Wind (world 781)
Server 3rd Less Then Three
Server 4th None Shall Pass
Server 4th Unlimited Potential

Unfortunately GuildOx became less updated and maintained during Warlords of Draenor, so we were unable to track our rankings for achievements for tier 17 onwards. However, from tier 17 we achieved:

Server 5th Mythic Blackhand
Server 5th Mythic Archimonde

Server 3rd Mythic Xavius
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