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#13184485 Apr 10, 2017 at 11:08 PM
The Big Head...
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Whenever anyone will ask about which Mage spec is the most annoying to deal with, I think we can all agree after downing Spellblade that it's frost mages we all have to worry about the most! It really shows that once you had her frost phase down and can handle the transitions between phases ok, it's plain sailing through the fire and arcane phases again until frost rotates around again.

The kill only raises us 300 world ranks though, and we're still lower compared to where we were when we first killed Krosus! However Tichondrius/Botanist as the next tier of difficulty should get us back into world top 2000 once again, before taking a look at Star Augur and the final two. We're halfway there, let's push as far as we can before Tomb releases in a couple of months!

With thanks to:
Tanks: Coppersocks, Excitedsoup
Healers: Barrypepper, Ginamarie, Jonbear, Mattywatson, Ston
Melee: Caeldir, Détonati, Fenvizz. Hárkonnen, Morsho, Piingu, Realzombie, Xín
Ranged: Aeshmi, Chipmunk, Farion, Shamanie, Swáín
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