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#12921522 Dec 15, 2016 at 04:11 AM
The Big Head...
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It's been a quiet few months around here, but that doesn't mean that we've been quiet ourselves! Inter-guild competition aside, we've now crept our way back up the server rankings after a troublesome expansion in Warlords to now being server 3rd, top Doomhammer-original guild and top for 2 days a week raiding! Just before the Christmas break too that inevitably will screw over with schedules (especially with both Christmas and New Year's being on Sundays this year) but once that is over we can re-join the race into mythic Trial of Valor before Nighthold drops.

Really fantastic work this past weekend with mythic Cenarius finally falling once we'd worked out nuances such as 4-healing to get the zerg tactic down, Xavius going down an hour later, then on Monday rounding out the week with a Helya heroic kill! Really great work guys, let's get the rekills done to get Il'gynoth, Cenarius and Xavius as farm bosses before taking a look into mythic Odyn!

With thanks to:
Tanks: Excitedsoup, Ganewate, Lolguard (Cenarius).
Healers: Barrypepper, Bubblenheal (Helya), Chickenlegz, Mattywatson, Ston.
Melee: Abbz, Fenvizz, Gulok, Lolguard (Xavius/Helya), Morsho, Redmst, Shabobbity, Speedstrike.
Ranged: Aeshmi, Bearntiger (Cenarius/Xavius), Exemplar (Helya), Giveusapet, Krillz (Helya), Swáín, Oxotnikus, Xazz.
#12921535 Dec 15, 2016 at 04:18 AM
The Big Head...
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And some kill shots!



Nothing for Helya, but here's a bonus for Il'gynoth too!
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