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#12482197 Jun 22, 2016 at 01:45 AM
The Big Head...
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But from the ashes we will rise anew! Swain has done a fantastic job these past couple years in keeping the guild not only together, but continuing its raiding scene at a competitive level. Although we didn't manage to finish 6.2 with a full mythic clear, you can't fault the effort it's taken to increase the guild to a regular 20 man roster and finish up at 11/13M before we lost everyone to summer, content drought and fatigue. Give yourselves all a pat on the back for the brilliant effort you've all put in this expansion, from the regular raiders to the officers, but also including those social members keeping off-nights and the guild alive during this dormant season.

I know with Overwatch, other game releases and the upcoming Steam Summer Sale will take a lot of people away from the guild, but Ex Cineribus is not going anywhere, and we're still aiming to smash into Legion's raids at the same pace as we have with Warlords. We'll likely see some new faces replacing the old that decide to not continue with us next expansion, so let's all ensure we make them feel welcome - it's not like we're a Draenor or Kazzak guild where we get plenty of opportunities for a wealth of Horde players!

Some people may have noticed a sudden drop in stock of the guild bank - I'm trying to sell the Draenor trade skill items while there are players levelling alts and getting their last professions to 700 in prep for Legion, in order to have a healthy pot of gold for Legion so that we can keep repairs turned on for at least the first month - being aided by the Blackhand mount sales we are currently doing. Anything I don't sell by Legion drop will be going back into the guild bank again for guildies to use once again - if you see anything on the AH being sold by Soupah that you'd like, just contact me and I'll take it down.

I'd also like to get some initial interest to see what raiders are planning to do in Legion. The PTR is currently up and, other than Demon Hunters, you can kind of get a feel for the extensive class changes coming in 7.0, even if artifacts may change the way you play at 110 in comparison to 100. If you don't see yourself on the list, just yell at me and I'll add you to it - I've just grabbed anyone rank raider and above!

Finally, let us know what your plan is for Legion's launch! Are you booking time off work? Would you like to join in on levelling parties - dungeons or questing? Remember with the scaling tech of zones, and with multiple quest hubs in each zone, it shouldn't be too difficult to hop in and join someone at level 108 if you're only level 101. There are four dungeons available at level 100, an additional one at 105, three more at 110 and finally another two after questing in Suramar for a while.
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