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[Pinned] Who are we?
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[Pinned] Who are we?

Hi there, and welcome to our guild site.Ex Cineribus is a World of Warcraft raiding/PvP guild on Doomhammer-EU server since January 2010 during ICC in Lich King and recently moving from Alliance to Horde during SoO in Mists of Pandaria. We have ma...
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[Pinned] Read this before applying.

We will pretty much accept anyone into the guild. How long you stay with us, is another matter.We are a mature, friendly and social guild, and in return, we would like the same from you. We are a mainly English speaking guild, and as such, we resp...
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Guild News

Time Runs Out For Elisande Against ExC! 9/10M and Other News!

>>> LINK TO LOGS <<< Despite Elisande being the harder boss, we actually spent fewer wipes to get her down in comparison to Star Augur (82 against 85 - we even spent about an hour longer in combat against Augur despite Elisande ...
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The Stars Align for ExC! 8/10M!

>>> LINK TO LOGS <<< Personally, I'd have thought the conjunction would be a bigger cause for wipes than it was, but overall it only took us 85 pulls in total to finally kill Star Boy! Sure, it may have been our most wiped on bo...
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ExC Weeds Out Botanist to Hit 7/10M!

>>> LINK TO LOGS --- LINK TO VIDEO <<<And down goes the final boss of this tier of difficulty within Mythic Nighthold! While it could have been a cleaner kill, it goes to show how much easier it was with only 21 attempts to take ...
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Tichondrius Plagues ExC No More!

>>> LINK TO LOGS <<< And another one bites the dust after only 32 wipes! With this momentum we'll be hitting Star Augur, the next brick wall, in no time at all! Really good job once the damn bear worked out how to press his Mark...
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ExC Spells Problems for Aluriel, 5/10M!

>>> LINK TO LOGS <<< Whenever anyone will ask about which Mage spec is the most annoying to deal with, I think we can all agree after downing Spellblade that it's frost mages we all have to worry about the most! It really shows ...
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Guild News

Next Stage of Project Storm: Ex Gnomeribus!

After a successful merge between the raid teams of ExC and Ascension (welcome guys!) it's time to announce the next stage of taking the game by storm: Ex Gnomeribus! Being the minority faction on a small server has its issues, and while our roster...
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Guild News

Krosus Fails To Break The Bridge Between ExC and Ascension!

>>> LINK TO LOGS <<< While we swept straight through Trilliax without a kill shot, Krosus was certainly the next challenge on our hit list. With a joint raid from Ascension (and even then struggling to fill up the raid team to b...
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Guild News

Chronomatic Anomaly: A Race Against Time

>>> LINK TO LOGS <<< After a tough few weeks of getting barely any progress time on him each week, we finally were able to put in the time to defeat him after 74 wipes! Thank heavens he's an easy boss to reset otherwise the wipe...
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I'm Bad!

Hey Guys!Bit of shameless advertising, my brother-in-law has his own small game company and they've just released their first game (iOS/Android), one of those free to download in-app purchase jobbies. I played the beta a fair bit and found it a de...
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Guild News

What did Gul'dan do when he met ExC? He fel.

>>> LINK TO LOGS <<< With 28 attempts to take him down in total, Gul'dan proved to be a thorn in our side taking nearly 3 times as many attempts as the next toughest boss in Nighthold heroic to finally kill him and finishing the...
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Guild News

Nighthold: Where Mythic is Easier than Heroic

>>> LINK TO LOGS <<< With Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor in the past, we take our first step into the palace of Suramar city: the Nighthold! With normal smashed through on the first social night, we took a look at heroic f...
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My art Gallery

I dont know how many on the guild know but I like drawing once and a while. Anyway, here is my gallery at deviant art
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Guild News

And Out of Ashes We Rise Again!

>> Xavius (and Cenarius) Logs ~~ Helya Logs <<It's been a quiet few months around here, but that doesn't mean that we've been quiet ourselves! Inter-guild competition aside, we've now crept our way back up the server rankings after a ...
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Guild News

ExC Lies Dormant Until Legion

But from the ashes we will rise anew! Swain has done a fantastic job these past couple years in keeping the guild not only together, but continuing its raiding scene at a competitive level. Although we didn't manage to finish 6.2 with a full mythi...
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Guild News

The Switch From Calendar to OpenRaid

Shameless copypaste from Facebook for those that don't use it:For those of you that missed out on this weeks raid and the important notice that came along with it then pay close attention 😃Beginning NEXT WEEK, Sunday 1st May, we will be using the ...
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It's your time to shine with ExC!

Ex Cineribus is still pushing through the content provided by Warlords of Draenor. It may not look like it from the forums, but we are 10/13 Mythic and we're trying to finish the tier strong on the realm rankings.Currently we are still recruiting ...
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We're still alive! Mannoroth isn't though ;)

It's been a long time!Ex Cineribus has been progressing through WoD content and is still going, we're not using the forum much but who knows who will see this :D
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Hello, my Name is Mads Roloff i'm 15 years old but mature of my age i live in Denmark the reason i would like to join the guild is mostly cause of the social good i heard from around the server and cause i need a new "home guild" where theres acti...
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